What is the traditional drink of Nepal?

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Introduction: Exploring Nepal’s Traditional Drink Culture

When it comes to exploring Nepal’s cultural identity, there is more to the country than its landmarks and cuisine. One aspect of Nepal’s culture that is often overlooked is its traditional drink culture. Nepalese drinks are not only refreshing but also have cultural significance. From the popular “chiya” to lesser-known beverages, Nepal has a lot to offer in terms of traditional drinks.

A Closer Look at “Chiya”: The Most Popular Drink in Nepal

“Chiya” or tea is the most popular beverage in Nepal. Nepalese tea is a variant of Darjeeling tea from nearby India and is grown in the eastern hilly regions of Nepal. The tea is usually served with milk and sugar, and the drink is not only a popular beverage but also a gesture of hospitality in Nepalese culture. The tea culture in Nepal is unique, and people from all walks of life enjoy sipping a cup of tea while catching up with friends, conducting business meetings or while engaging in daily routine activities.

Beyond Chiya: Other Traditional Drinks You Should Try in Nepal

Apart from “chiya,” there are many other traditional drinks you should try in Nepal. One such beverage is “jhyaurey ko raksi,” a millet wine that is distilled in the western part of Nepal. Another drink is “chhang,” a fermented drink made from barley, maize, or rice. The drink is popular in the mountainous regions of Nepal and is traditionally served in wooden bowls. “Aila,” a distilled alcoholic beverage, is another traditional Nepalese drink that is popular in the hills of Nepal. Made from fermented grains, Aila has a high alcohol content and is often consumed during festivals and celebrations.

In conclusion, exploring Nepal’s traditional drink culture is an excellent way to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage. From the popular “chiya” to lesser-known drinks, Nepal has a lot to offer in terms of traditional drinks. Whether you want to try something new or experience the Nepalese tea culture, there is something for everyone. So, the next time you visit Nepal, make sure to explore its traditional drink culture.

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