Wheat Germ Oil: It Is So Healthy From The Inside And For Akin And Hair

Wheat germ oil is health-promoting: Used internally or externally, it is said to have a positive effect on skin, hair, and health. What valuable ingredients does the oil content and what should you pay attention to when using it?

Overview: What is wheat germ oil?

Wheat germ oil is healthy and, as the name suggests, is obtained from the germs of wheat grains. Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Oil is a by-product of the production of wheat flour. The yield is very small: several tons of wheat have to be processed for one liter of oil.

It is usually obtained by cold pressing. The origin of the essence is recognizable in the taste: wheat germ oil has a slightly grainy note. It varies in color from light yellow to orange-reddish.

External or internal use?

First of all, it should be clarified whether you want to use the oil externally or internally. Some products are only suitable for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, if necessary, make sure to buy food-grade wheat germ oil. Please read the label carefully.

Cold-pressed oil is particularly healthy and of high quality because the ingredients are best preserved through this form of extraction. If you want to be sure that there are no harmful substances in the oil, you should use an organic product.

Where can you get wheat germ oil and how much does it cost?

You can find wheat germ oil in health food stores, health food stores, and well-stocked supermarkets. In addition, the oil is available in many online shops.

Because a relatively large amount of wheat has to be processed to obtain wheat germ oil, the oil is relatively expensive. Accordingly, 100 milliliters cost an average of around ten euros and more.

What is the best way to store wheat germ oil?

Wheat germ oil has a limited shelf life. It should be kept cool, dry, and protected from light. Under these conditions, it can be kept for about half a year. Once the bottle has been opened, the oil should be used within two to three months. Therefore, buy the essence as needed and use small bottles if necessary.

Wheat germ oil: These healthy ingredients are in it

Wheat germ oil is over 60 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, there is a lot of vitamin E in the oil.

Wheat germ oil: All about the vitamin E it contains

The vitamin E contained in wheat germ oil has an antioxidant effect and a positive effect on cell health. It protects against premature skin aging and is therefore often referred to as a “beauty vitamin”. The oil can also be consumed as cooking oil: just a small tablespoon of wheat germ oil covers the daily vitamin E requirement of an adult.

Wheat germ oil for skin and hair

The oil is often a component of masks, creams, or hair care products. You can benefit from its valuable ingredients, especially in pure form.

  1. Applied as a tincture to dry skin, it is an ideal moisturizer.
  2. Wrinkles can also be prevented with wheat germ oil.
  3. If you suffer from a dry scalp, gently massage in a small amount of the essence with your fingertips. The oil does not have to be rinsed out afterward.

Wheat germ oil as cooking oil

Thanks to its mild cereal taste, wheat germ oil is also suitable as edible oil. However, since the polyunsaturated fatty acids it contains are sensitive to heat, the oil must not be heated. Instead, it can be used as a seasoning oil in salads, soups, or dips.

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