Which Has More Calories: Beer Or Wine? What Makes You Fatter?

You’re in the party mood, but you’re on a diet and you’re wondering what makes you fatter: beer or wine? Where does the beer belly come from and is there actually also a wine belly? We’ll enlighten you!

Calorie content of beverages

In fact, high-dose alcoholic drinks are real calorie bombs, because the calorie content of a drink depends on the residual sugar and alcohol content. The higher one of the two is, the more calories your drink has.

Tip: If you are on a diet, you should be cautious with high-dose alcoholic or sugary drinks!

If you are a beer lover, here is the good news: beer has almost no residual sugar and the alcohol content is significantly lower than that of wine: a normal Pils has around 4.8 vol. %, a dry white wine about 12 vol. %. Beer, therefore, has fewer calories than wine. would you have thought so The handle to the popular brew should therefore be worthwhile for you? Despite everything, you should use it sparingly: beer has a lower calorie content compared to other alcoholic beverages. But it is far from being slimmer! With a whopping 43 kcal per 100ml, it has about as many kcal as cola or apple juice (both have 47.0 kcal/100ml). That’s quite a lot for one drink!

Where does the beer belly come from?

So wine is a real fattener. You are now wondering why there is a beer belly. In fact, this is due to the high-calorie content contained in alcohol. Thus, the beer belly could in fact also be called a liqueur, whiskey, or wine belly. Since fat is more likely to accumulate in the stomach in men than in women, it is also more common in them. It is believed that getting a beer belly is also related to the hormones in the hops and yeast. However, this has not yet been proven.
As long as you eat healthily, exercise enough, and stick to one glass, you can enjoy both without hesitation. Just don’t make it a regular thing! If you are on a diet, you should rather grab a pilsner or a glass of red wine. Make sure it doesn’t have too many turns! In this sense: Cheers!

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