Why Are Pepper Mills So Big?

Pepper Mills: Why Are They So Big?

  • Pepper mills half a meter long or more are not uncommon. Especially in restaurants, pepper mills are often much larger than at home.
  • In fact, the large pepper mills are not just for show. Larger pepper mills also have a larger and therefore more stable grinder. This grinds the pepper evenly.
  • However, the grinder does not always get better with increasing size. Pepper mills with a height of more than 40 centimeters do not grind the pepper better but are purely for visual reasons.

How big does a pepper mill have to be?

  • Large pepper mills are considered more stable, but there are also high-quality models in handy sizes. The size of the pepper mill is not necessarily important.
  • If you rarely use pepper, you should also not fill a large pepper mill to the brim with pepper. If the pepper remains in the mill for a few weeks or months, it will lose its aroma over time.
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