10 Delicious Magnesium Foods

10 delicious magnesium foods

It is essential for the proper functioning of our body: Magnesium is one of the so-called essential minerals. However, our body cannot form this substance itself, which is why it should be consumed daily with food. PraxisVITA presents the tastiest magnesium foods.

Nothing works without the mineral magnesium, because it is involved in over 300 different reactions in the body: It activates all enzymes (protein compounds) that are responsible for supplying energy to the cells and ensures that other enzymes can break down fatty acids and control sugar metabolism. Magnesium is involved in the construction of genetic material, plays a key role in healthy heart function, and regulates how nerves and muscles work together.

Magnesium foods prevent deficiency

Because the mineral is so immensely important, a deficiency has a correspondingly unpleasant effect. Cramps are the most common, but tremors, nausea, tachycardia, concentration problems, muscle twitching, nervousness, irritability, and digestive disorders (especially constipation) can also occur.

Reasons for magnesium deficiency can be an unbalanced diet (e.g. only fast food), overactive thyroid gland, sweaty sport, kidney diseases, stress, and medication (especially for drainage or laxatives).

To always be adequately supplied with magnesium, you have to consume it daily through magnesium foods. The excess is excreted. The German Society for Nutrition recommends 350 milligrams daily for adult men, 300 milligrams for women (pregnant women even up to 400), and at least 170 milligrams of magnesium foods for children.

Magnesium foods are effective against pain and prevent diseases

The mineral can prevent diabetes: Magnesium regulates the blood sugar level and thus reduces the risk of developing diabetes. In the case of an existing disease, magnesium can delay the course of the disease. You can read here exactly how protection against diabetes and its complications works: “Prevent diabetes with magnesium”.

Magnesium is also an effective remedy for pain: if taken preventively, it works against migraines and can relieve muscle cramps that occur during sports. In addition, it lowers blood pressure. You can find out what other health-giving functions the mineral has and how you should dose it for which illness in our article: “Magnesium: The new anti-stroke medicine”.

Magnesium foods: These are the best

Some foods contain more magnesium than others. Make sure you include them regularly in your diet. In our picture gallery, we present 10 delicious magnesium foods.

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