Application Of Schuessler Salts

It has been a tradition for almost 140 years – therapy with Schuessler salts. Find out here how the mineral salts work and what needs to be considered when using the Schuessler salts.

They support our nervous system and ensure that our muscles relax: Valuable minerals that we absorb from food control our metabolism – and we feel fine.

However, if certain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, or sodium are distributed in the wrong amount in the body, the inner balance begins to falter. Exhaustion, tension, and discomfort are just a few of the numerous symptoms. A maldistribution of magnesium manifests itself in cramps, calcium phosphate z. B. Osteoporosis.

In this case, taking Schuessler salts can help. The mineral salts improve the absorption capacity of the cells: Nutrients can be transported to the responsible organs and utilized more quickly.

Depending on the physical complaints, different Schuessler salts work. Use them correctly, and take gentle but targeted action against diseases. Read everything about the common use of Schuessler salts here.

Schuessler salts – what is behind them?

The Oldenburg doctor Dr. In the mid-19th century, Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler investigated what keeps our body cells fit and efficient. He found out that a person is only healthy if every cell contains enough minerals. If this is not the case, we get sick.

He then defined twelve mineral salts that promote cell formation and stimulate healing processes. The so-called Schuessler salts help u. in case of inflammation, exhaustion, cramps, high blood pressure, fever, or constipation.

Application of Schuessler salts – How are Schuessler salts taken?

Using Schuessler salts is amazingly simple: the mineral salts are available in pharmacies in the form of tablets, globules, or drops without a prescription. Let the tablets melt in your mouth until they are dissolved. The oral mucosa absorbs the active ingredient completely. The following applies to ingestion: 10 drops or globules correspond to one tablet.

Incorrect use of the Schuessler salts – what should be considered?

The homeopathic preparations are generally well tolerated – there are no side effects. Using the wrong Schuessler salts does not harm, but it cannot help either. Ask your doctor for advice and ask about the correct dosage of the tablets. As a rule, one tablet every hour for acute symptoms and about three to four a day for chronic diseases.

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