11 Vitamins For Beautiful Skin – Vitamin B2

Our skin needs vitamin B2 to stay healthy – a deficiency can lead to dry skin and acne. In part two of our series, you’ll find out how much vitamin B2 you should be taking each day and what it contains.

The so-called riboflavin, better known as vitamin B2, is important for healthy skin. The vitamin supports respiration and the growth of skin cells. A lack of nutrients can show up in skin problems such as acne, skin dryness, and skin cracks, among other things. However, a vitamin B2 deficit is rare in Germany, since the nutrient is contained in many foods.

How much vitamin B2 does the body need?

According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), the daily requirement for vitamin B2 is 1.2 to 1.5 milligrams. This dose can be reached with four chicken eggs, 230 grams of Camembert, or four glasses of milk.

For acne, doctors recommend a greatly increased dosage of vitamin B2 of up to 100 milligrams three times a day. However, this additional intake should definitely be discussed with a doctor – because the exact requirement can vary from person to person.

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