How Much Exercise For A Piece Of Cake?

As tempting as the sweet delicacy is, it makes many people feel guilty. Completely unnecessary! Because there are many little tricks that you can use to save a lot of calories without anyone noticing – I promise!

Flakes instead of nuts

No question, nuts are healthy and fill you up – but unfortunately, they also have a lot of calories. A good compromise: Replace half of the nuts with lightly toasted tender oat flakes.

Shine pieces

The frosting as the crowning touch should not be missing on any cake. It is better to brush them with an egg yolk and milk mixture before baking, then they will have a nice shine and the frosting will be superfluous.

Just low in fat

A simple but effective tip: Only use low-fat dairy products for baking. This makes no difference in taste but has a positive effect on the fat and calorie content of the cake.

Save butter

In the meantime, the refrigerated section in the supermarket has a number of low-fat alternatives. Instead of normal butter, there is also semi-fat butter. If you replace a third of the total amount with the light version, the baking result will not be affected. Or you swap out half the butter for yogurt. This makes the dough much juicier and fluffy.

Less sweet

The cake contains sugar – of course! But don’t you think it’s often a tad too sweet? Good news: You can safely omit about a third of the amount of sugar specified in the recipe. This does not affect the baking result and the cake is still delicious.

The right shape

If you need a mold for baking, it is best to get one made of silicone. The advantage: You don’t have to grease a silicone mold with a thick layer of butter. The dough can be filled directly. Attention: When baking in silicone molds, the baking times can be longer.

Flavor without Calories

Instead of refining the cake with commercially available vanilla sugar, you can use the pulp of a vanilla bean. This also saves some extra calories.

Cake in the calorie check

Sometimes it just has to be a piece of cake. But how many calories does a chocolate cake have and what would you have to do to work it off again? The graphic will tell you!

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Written by Crystal Nelson

I am a professional chef by trade and a writer at night! I have a bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and have completed many freelance writing classes as well. I specialized in recipe writing and development as well as recipe and restaurant blogging.

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