24-Hour Diet: Lose Weight In Just One Day

Lose two kilos in just one day? This is what the 24-hour diet promises, in which you should reach your goal with a mixture of an empty carbohydrate store and endurance sports.

What is the 24-hour diet?

Of course: If you want to lose weight, you would like to lose the pounds as quickly as possible. A number of lightning and mono diets promise to be able to fulfill this wish with short-term discipline. This also includes the 24-hour diet – and its promise is worth it: you should be able to lose two kilos and 500 grams of fat within a single day.

The inventor of the 24-hour diet is the nutritionist and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Michael Hamm, and the nutritionist Achim Sam. The method is described in the book “24Hour Diet”, which Sam and Hamm published together.

This is how the 24-hour diet works

The 24-hour diet actually begins the evening before the diet. After not eating for two hours the night before, do an intense endurance workout to empty your carbohydrate stores. This is followed by a protein and low-fat dinner. You now have to do without carbohydrates on your diet day – after all, you want to get to the bottom of your love handles. After exercising the night before, the first thing to do is get plenty of rest: we recommend at least seven, preferably eight, hours of sleep.

Freshly rested, it’s time to get down to business: The carbohydrate store is empty, and the body is signaled that it should now start burning fat. Therefore, it is important to completely avoid carbohydrates during the diet day. In order to avoid muscle loss with all the calorie deficit combined with exercise, it is important that you consume enough protein. That’s why, for example, an egg omelet is ideal for breakfast – or other protein sources. For example, fish or light meat is also suitable. You can also replace the meals with a special diet drink if you wish. “Be My Meal” was specially developed by Sam and Hamm for this purpose.

Endurance sport after breakfast

After breakfast, there is another hour of endurance sports. Leave four hours between each of the four permitted meals – and make sure that you do not exceed the calorie limit: men can eat up to 1000 calories on the diet day, women 800. After lunch, there is another hour of endurance sports. Drink enough water or unsweetened teas during the day. If you stick to the 24-hour diet, it’s entirely possible that you’ve lost a pound or two in just one day.

For whom the 24-hour diet is suitable

The diet is only recommended for healthy people. The following groups of people should not practice them:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • children and young people
  • chronically overweight and underweight

People with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or liver dysfunction

In principle, a healthy person has nothing against a single day of reduced calorie intake – especially if you make sure that you take in enough nutrients and vitamins despite the calorie reduction. It is also possible to carry out these diet days again and again with sufficient distance – embedded in an otherwise varied diet.

There shouldn’t normally be any special dangers for healthy people on a one-day lightning diet of this kind. However, one thing should be said: The 24-hour diet is not a permanent solution to losing weight. Although it can bring short-term success, it is definitely unsuitable as a diet over a longer period of time and in one piece.

That’s what the creator of the 24-hour diet says

The co-creator of the diet, Achim Sam, says he always uses the diet when he “has gone too far”: “I lost eight kilos with the 24-hour diet and have been in my feel-good shape for almost two years. If I go overboard (which I do!), I just go back to the 24-hour diet the next day,” says the nutritionist.
It’s entirely possible to lose weight with a reduced calorie intake plus exercise – and for healthy people, there is nothing wrong with such a diet day. In general, however, it is advisable not to aim for rapid succession in losing weight, but to strive for a long-term and sustainable change in diet. This can be achieved with a healthy, varied, and balanced diet and sufficient exercise.

Such a drastic calorie reduction as the 24-hour diet is unhealthy in the medium term – but according to the current state of knowledge, it has no negative consequences for the metabolism for one day. If you have any doubts or questions, it is advisable to speak to your doctor. However, it is doubtful whether it is actually useful to complete the 24-hour diet up to once a week, as is possible according to the creators of the diet.

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