5 Sustainable Food Start-Ups You Should Know About

In recent years, more and more sustainable food start-ups have been founded. We took a closer look at the trend companies and present you our top 5!

Whether it’s sugar-free muesli bars, vegan chocolate or fair-trade crisps – there has been a major rethink in the food market in recent years.

More and more companies have set themselves the task of revolutionizing our eating habits and at the same time doing something good for the environment. We introduce you to 5 sustainable food start-ups whose products we already encounter in the supermarket so that you can try them out straight away!

The nu Company: Saving the forests with bars

The Dresden start-up attaches great importance to sustainability and combines good taste with environmental awareness. For every product sold, the young company plants a tree in Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal.

In addition to chocolate and protein bars and brain food, the nu team also offers protein shakes. Their products are packaged without plastic and are made with green electricity. When it comes to the ingredients, it is important to the company that they are organic, vegan, mostly regional and fair trade.

However, the nu bars are not only good for the environment, they also passed the taste test with flying colours!

Vly foods: Revolutionizing the dairy industry with peas

Whether soy, oats or almonds – there are now many plant-based alternatives to conventional cow’s milk. However, the founders of the vegan start-up Vly have brought a new player onto the field: split peas.

The protein in the pea is said to beat animal milk products in terms of both nutritional value and sustainability, because the yellow pea has a very good carbon footprint and is rich in vitamins and calcium. The motto of the young entrepreneurs: “Vlyheit for all cows”.

The vegan milk alternative is 100 percent natural and available in Original, unsweetened and Barista versions. A must for any plant-based milk lover!

El origen food: Make the world a better place with chips

The Hamburg food start-up has its origins in Ecuador and scores with its vegan and sustainable snacks from Latin America.

With organic plantains and organic cassava chips from sustainable and fair production, they want to offer an alternative to potato chips. They make sure that their snacks are vegan, without palm oil, gluten-free and high in fiber.

The products also stand out because of their social background, because the young company works directly with the farmers in Ecuador. This allows them to guarantee fair trade and promote organic farming. With your commitment, the Amazon region is protected and fair working conditions are promoted on site. The snack for the next movie night is secured!

Lycka: With ice cream and granola against world hunger

The mission of the young entrepreneurs is simple: produce vegan organic products that taste good, make you happy and do something good for the world at the same time. Because for every product sold, the food start-up donates a school meal for children in East Africa.

With her slogan “Mindfood instead of mindless”, Lycka wants to build a movement of conscious consumption and campaign for a world without hunger. The start-up works closely with Welthungerhilfe and has already donated over 3 million meals.

In addition to ice cream and granola, Lycka also has chia bowls in its range. The products are 100% natural and ensure real enjoyment!

Kale & me: With juices for a more conscious life

The Hamburg start-up relies on cold-pressed juices instead of solid food. With your 3-, 5- or 7-day fasting cure, the body should concentrate on the essentials again and feel more intensively than ever before.

When it comes to their products, it is particularly important to the founders that they are produced regionally, sustainably and without additives. The food start-up not only supports local agriculture, but also the environment through short transport routes. Every year, the young company also plants linden trees in the Altes Land to protect endangered wild insects.

The topic of food waste is also important to the founders, which is why the fruit and vegetable leftovers are all processed further, for example to make their vegetable broth or muesli. Their bottles are 100% recyclable and since 2020 they are a certified carbon neutral company. If you’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse, you’ve come to the right place!

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Written by Mia Lane

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