A Healthy Diet Prevents Acidosis

A healthy diet prevents acidosis

A common misconception is: Our body becomes acidic because we eat acidic foods. Find out in this picture gallery what really leads to hyperacidity and how you can avoid it with a healthy diet.

Hyperacidity is when we eat too many foods that produce acid in the metabolism when they are broken down. The opposite of this is not sweet, but basic. The base formers keep the acid in check and balance it out.

Acid-forming foods are any foods that are high in protein. Of course, this includes meat, sausage, and cheese. But dairy products such as quark are also acid-forming. What many people don’t know is that grain products such as bread, muesli, and biscuits are also rich in protein – and thus form excess acid in the body.

Alkaline foods are only fruit, vegetables, and salads. Also in the form of juices or smoothies. These plant-based foods contain plenty of basic minerals, which neutralize the acid in the metabolism and thus stabilize the acid-base balance. Because fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water, you have to eat three times more of them than grain products, meat, or cheese to achieve an acid-base balance.

With the food table, you can judge for yourself whether many foods have an acid-forming or base-forming effect on the acid-base balance.

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