Activated Charcoal: Black Chewing Gum – All Important Information

Black chewing gum with activated charcoal is a new trend that promises whiter teeth. We have summarized what you should know about this here.

Black chewing gum with activated charcoal for whiter teeth – is that possible?

Under the promising name “Black is White”, Curaprox offers a black chewing gum with activated charcoal as an ingredient.

  • Chewing gum was invented by the Swiss company Curaden. Back in 2015, the company launched an activated charcoal toothpaste called Black is White.
  • The company now also offers dental care chewing gum with activated charcoal under this name.
  • In addition to activated charcoal, the chewing gum with a lemony-minty flavor also contains hydroxyapatite, glucose oxidase, and xylitol.

This is how activated charcoal works in dental care

Activated charcoal has always been used in medicine to treat diarrhea but above all poisoning.

  • The agent is effective due to the very rough and large surface of the powder. Thanks to these properties, the activated carbon can effectively bind germs.
  • The activated charcoal chewing gum is intended to render bacteria in the mouth harmless, which can attack the teeth. However, activated charcoal does not distinguish between good and bad. As a result, the helpful bacteria in the oral cavity can no longer do their job properly.
  • Activated charcoal is said to ensure whiter teeth – even when chewing gum. However, the rough surface of the activated carbon acts like sandpaper and therefore attacks the protective tooth enamel.
  • An actual whitening effect of activated charcoal in dental care has also not been scientifically proven.
  • Black chewing gum is therefore nothing more than a trend that simply picks up on something new on the market and can even be harmful if consumed frequently.
  • The trend is not cheap either. You pay around 7.50 euros for just 17 grams of the small chewing gum.

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