Against The Smell Of Garlic: Remove The Inside

Simply take out the inside of the garlic and you can already prevent garlic smell?! Can it really be that simple? And what’s the best way?

Removing the inside of the garlic is said to prevent garlic odor. Some call it the stalk, others call it a germ or germ, core, heart or simply the middle. How to remove it and does this crazy trick really do anything?

Remove the garlic stalk and prevent the garlic trail

What helps against the smell of garlic? Not after, but before? With this simple trick you prevent a smelly garlic plume – simply remove the stalk – or the middle. Whatever you like to call it

No question: we love Italian food. First a slice of garlic bread, then a portion of bruschetta and finally a plate of spaghetti aglio e oolio. A dream come true – if it weren’t for the garlic plume. So avoid Italian food in the future? Never. That would of course be complete nonsense! Because we love garlic and it stays that way.

Garlic: Remove the inside – the middle comes out that easily

And that’s exactly why we went in search of a trick to prevent the smell of garlic. How does it work? Very simple: peel the garlic clove, cut in half lengthways with a knife and cut out the inner green core. That’s right: it’s about the green heart of garlic. However, it is not poisonous.

On the other hand, if you have fresh garlic, you don’t have to remove the center. Then it doesn’t matter, because it’s as white as the rest around it. Over time, however, it begins to germinate and forms a shoot. You can then easily cut it out.

Remove the garlic center: what could be the cause

The inside of the garlic is not only responsible for the garlic smell, but also for its bitterness – removing the garlic seedling makes sense, especially when frying. Because of the bitterness, the garlic should generally not sizzle in the pan for too long.

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Written by Paul Keller

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