Are there any vegetarian street food options in Singapore?

Overview of Vegetarian Street Food in Singapore

Singapore is a food paradise. It has a diverse culinary landscape that caters to everyone’s taste buds. However, for vegetarians, finding street food that is vegetarian-friendly can be a challenge. While Singapore is known for its hawker centres and street food stalls, it is not always easy to find vegetarian options. But that doesn’t mean vegetarian street food doesn’t exist in Singapore. In fact, Singapore has a growing number of vegetarian street food options that are delicious and affordable.

Popular Vegetarian Street Food Options in Singapore

Singapore has a lot of vegetarian street food options to choose from. One popular vegetarian street food is vegetarian mee goreng. It is a spicy fried noodle dish that is cooked with vegetables, tofu and eggs. Another popular vegetarian street food is rojak, which is a fruit and vegetable salad that is mixed with a sweet and sour dressing. The vegetarian version of this dish includes tofu and bean sprouts. Vegetarian spring rolls are also a popular street food option, filled with vegetables and tofu.

Vegetarian Indian food is also a popular street food option in Singapore. Dosas, idlis, and vadas are some of the vegetarian dishes you can find. These dishes are made with lentils and rice and are served with chutney and sambar. Vegetarian burgers made with soy or mushroom patties are also available in some street food stalls.

Where to Find Vegetarian Street Food in Singapore

Vegetarian street food can be found in many hawker centres in Singapore. One such hawker centre is the Maxwell Food Centre. It is known for its vegetarian options such as the vegetarian mee goreng and vegetarian spring rolls. The Chinatown Complex Food Centre is another popular destination for vegetarians. It has several food stalls that serve vegetarian Indian food. The Lau Pa Sat hawker centre is also a good place to look for vegetarian street food. It has a couple of stalls that serve vegetarian burgers.

In conclusion, finding vegetarian street food in Singapore is no longer a difficult task. With the growing number of vegetarian options, vegetarians can now enjoy the street food scene in Singapore just like everyone else. From vegetarian mee goreng to Indian dosas, there is something for everyone. So, the next time you’re in Singapore, don’t hesitate to try out the vegetarian street food options.

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