Artichokes: These Vegetables Are So Healthy

Artichoke Vegetables: What is it actually?

You have probably eaten pickled artichoke hearts before. But did you know that the vegetable we are eating is just the bud of the artichoke?

  • Because the artichoke itself is a plant that bears large flowers. These sprout from a flower bud.
  • This flower bud is the edible part of the plant and what you know as an artichoke or artichoke bud.
  • The artichoke is therefore referred to as a flowering vegetable.
  • The artichoke buds are harvested before they open.

Good for the body: That’s why you benefit from the artichoke

Artichokes are good for your body. If you eat them regularly, you can benefit from the diverse effects of the nutritious vegetable.

  • The bitter substance cynarin contained in the artichoke lowers your cholesterol level and thus promotes your health.
  • This substance also stimulates the flow of bile. You can prevent gallstones by eating vegetables.
  • Do you like the tart flavor of the vegetables? This is also caused by the bitter substance and thus contributes to a varied enjoyment on your plate.
  • If you eat artichokes regularly, the cynarin they contain will support your digestion and fat metabolism.
  • In addition, you can have a positive influence on your blood sugar level and lower it.

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