Artichokes: Everything About Calories, Vitamins and Minerals

Low-calorie artichokes: That’s in the vegetables

Because of its health-promoting effect, artichoke is considered a medicinal plant.

  • Cynarin provides the tart taste of the bud.
  • The bitter substance also has a positive effect on your health: it lowers the cholesterol level, supports your digestion, helps to burn fat, and boosts your metabolism.
  • The calcium it contains is good for your bones and teeth.
  • Iron is important for your cellular health. Skin, hair, nails, and muscles benefit from optimal iron levels.
  • The artichoke is full of beta-carotene. It is converted into vitamin A by the body and is good for your eyes, mucous membranes, and skin.
  • The B vitamins it contains are also important for your metabolism and contribute to your well-being.
  • Vitamin C is also found in vegetables and unfolds its antioxidant effect in your body.

Artichokes on the menu: Calories

Preparing artichokes takes a little effort. Here we explain how to get the best out of vegetables and what you should know about the number of calories.

  • Help your body convert the beta-carotene into vitamin A by adding a little fat to the artichoke dish.
  • For example, drizzle some cooking oil over your meal.
  • The cooked artichoke has few calories at just 43 kcal per 100 g. You also boost your fat burning with vegetables.
  • Artichokes are one of those foods that use up more calories to digest than they put into your body.
  • So feel free to enjoy artichokes if you want to reduce your calorie intake.
  • This is exactly when you should focus more on dishes with vegetables.
  • However, if you are allergic to the daisy family, you must avoid the artichoke, as it belongs to this genus of plants.
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