Avocado: Date Counts it as a Fruit and Not a Vegetable

When it comes to avocados, many are unsure whether they are fruit or vegetables. You can find out why the avocado is considered a fruit in this article on the subject of food.

Avocado โ€“ fruit or vegetable?

With some fresh foods, distinguishing between fruit and vegetables is not so easy.

  • Most people count the healthy avocado among the vegetables.
  • Botanically, however, the fruit of the avocado tree is considered a fruit. More precisely, it is a berry fruit.
  • In botany, it is precisely defined which varieties count as fruit and which as vegetables.

Difference between fruits and vegetables

According to the botanical definition, fruits include fruits and seeds that meet a certain condition.

  • The fruits must arise from the flowers of perennial plants. Since this is the case with the avocado, the healthy fruit counts as a fruit.
  • Botany, on the other hand, counts all edible parts of plants as vegetables, provided the plant only produces them once in its life.
  • Non-perennial edible plants are thus by definition vegetables. For this reason, tomatoes are also included.

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