Avocado Instead Of Sunglasses?

There is no fruit or vegetable that has a higher fat content than avocado – yet it is also hard to beat when it comes to health benefits. We present the most important ones.

Avocado protects the eyes

Avocado contains two different carotenoids (plant pigments) that are important for eye health. They act as so-called antioxidants – that is, they protect our cells from harmful influences. As a result, avocado prevents the development of age-related eye damage. Daily consumption protects the delicate tissues of the eye from damage caused by the sun’s rays – but that doesn’t mean it can replace sunglasses. In addition, the superfruit reduces the risk of suffering from cataracts or age-related macular degeneration.

Avocado helps absorb nutrients

We owe the fact that our body can absorb the carotenoids from avocados to their high-fat content. It is also their high-fat content that makes avocados the perfect side dish. Because it enables the body to absorb so-called fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A (e.g. found in fish and milk), K (e.g. found in green vegetables), D (e.g. found in cod liver oil and egg yolk), and E (e.g. found in vegetable oil and cereals). – without fat, it cannot utilize these vitamins.

Avocado reduces cancer risk

Avocado’s talent as an antioxidant makes it a fighter for various types of cancer, including oral, skin, and prostate cancer. A study published in 2007 showed that the plant compounds in avocados selectively seek out, inhibit the growth of, or even destroy precancerous cells.

Avocado lowers cholesterol levels

A recently published study showed that eating an avocado every day lowers cholesterol because of its unsaturated fatty acids and other components such as fiber. A low cholesterol level is important for heart health: If too much cholesterol is deposited in the vessels, the risk of arteriosclerosis increases.

Avocado helps in weight loss

The avocado has a high proportion of dietary fiber – and that helps us lose weight. According to a study, 30 grams of fiber per day leads to better diet success – a medium-sized avocado contains about 12-14 grams. The fruit also keeps you full for longer and thus protects against food cravings.

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