Banana as Complementary Food For Babies: The 3 Best Recipes

Banana with porridge for baby

You can give your baby porridge with banana from the eighth month of life.

  • To do this, boil 30 grams of rolled oats in 150 milliliters of water for about two minutes. Then add two chopped bananas and up to ten grams of butter.
  • Now puree everything with a blender to a fine pulp. The healthy complementary food for your baby is already ready.

Healthy baby food with semolina and banana

You can give your baby the banana semolina porridge from the age of six months.

  • To do this, boil 200 milliliters of milk in a saucepan and stir in 20 grams of wholemeal semolina. It takes about two to three minutes for the semolina to thicken. Stir the porridge during this time so that it does not thicken too much or even burn.
  • Mash half a banana and stir the banana puree into the semolina. A healthy banana mash for your baby is prepared so quickly.

Warm pancakes

It doesn’t always have to be porridge. Your baby can also snack on small banana pancakes from the sixth to eighth month of life.

  • The dough is made very quickly. Simply put two eggs, one tablespoon of flour, three tablespoons of rolled oats, and a banana in the mixer and mix them into a smooth batter.
  • In a pan with just a little oil, use the batter to bake small pancakes until golden. Make sure the dough is baked through. But just as important, don’t over-fry the pancakes and make them dark.

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