Banana Causes Constipation: What’s Really Behind It

Bananas are a popular and healthy fruit. Still, the banana has a reputation for causing constipation. You can find out in this article whether this assumption is correct.

Banana does not cause constipation

It is a myth that the banana is constipating and thus leads to constipation.

  • The banana is rich in fiber. In the banana, these are the pectins.
  • These pectins clean the intestinal wall, which is very helpful for the intestines in the case of diarrheal diseases.
  • If you mash the banana, the pectins can do their job particularly well. This is why babies often get mashed fruit when they have diarrhea.
  • If you are not suffering from diarrhea, the banana simply regulates your digestion.
  • Important and to note: This only applies to ripe bananas

Unripe bananas promote constipation

When it comes to unripe bananas, it’s actually true that the fruit can cause constipation.

  • The reason for this is that unripe bananas contain far more starch than ripe fruit.
  • The intestines are not very good at breaking down starch. He needs more time for it.
  • Thus, the banana stays longer in your intestines than other food.
  • Due to the longer retention time, more water is extracted from the food pulp and constipation occurs.

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