Rice in the Rice Cooker Instructions: This is How it Works

Cooking rice can be very tricky with some types of rice, even with a rice cooker. With our rice cooker instructions, your rice will be easy and the times of burnt or harmful rice are a thing of the past.

Rice in the rice cooker – A guide

Regardless of whether you prepare the rice in a conventional saucepan or in a special rice cooker, the following applies to both: the rice should be soaked before cooking.

  • Soaking rice is important for your health. This is especially true if rice is a frequent part of your menu. In addition to pesticides, studies have also found arsenic in rice. The toxins are absorbed by the plants, among other things, through contaminated groundwater.
  • Soaking the rice overnight is a good idea to flush out the toxins. Just before preparation, rinse the rice well under running water. As soon as the water is clear, the rice can be placed in the rice cooker.
  • How much water the rice cooker is filled with depends not only on the rice cooker used but also on the type of rice and the amount. You can find detailed information on this in the operating instructions for the rice cooker and on the rice packaging.
  • As a rule of thumb: 1.5 to 2 times the amount of water is added to a portion of rice. For brown rice, you need a little more water. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt. If you would like to give the rice a little more spice, add some lemongrass or healthy ginger, for example.
  • Once you turn on the rice cooker, don’t open the pot again. Otherwise, the steam will escape and the cooking result will be impaired. The cooking time is about 20 to 30 minutes and depends mainly on the type of rice.
  • The rice cooker reports with a signal as soon as the rice is ready and usually switches itself off.

Rice cooker – you should pay attention to this when buying

If you have decided to buy a rice cooker, rice is probably often on your menu. In that case, it might be worth buying a higher-quality rice cooker. You can find our test winner here.

  • The rice cooker should definitely have a very good non-stick coating so that it can be easily cleaned.
  • A high-quality rice cooker offers you various programs, which means that the device can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to rice, you can use it to make bread or yogurt yourself, for example.
  • An additional steam insert is also useful in order to be able to cook other foods, such as vegetables.
  • It is also very practical if the rice cooker can be programmed and has a long warm-up function. This way the meal is already ready as soon as you get home; you only have to set the table yourself.
  • By the way: Rice pudding is the only type of rice that is not suitable for the rice cooker.

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