Barberry: This is The Healing Effect

Barberry – this is how the medicinal effect of the plant is created

The barberry is a thorny shrub. The medicinal plant grows mainly in the mountains and in the forest.

  • The barberry is one of those plants that are both: on the one hand a medicinal plant that is good for your health and on the other hand it can be poisonous.
  • For this reason, the barberry is sometimes referred to as a poisonous shrub.
  • Of course, what effect barberry has on your health depends on the parts of the plant you use.
  • The toxic components of the barberry include the leaves and the bark. In the worst case, it can even lead to respiratory arrest after taking it.

The medicinal properties of barberry

The bark of the plant is used in homeopathy, but may only be taken according to very precise dosage instructions.

  • The individual parts of the barberry plant have completely different health effects.
  • Due to the berberine, the root bark has a particularly beneficial effect on problems with the gallbladder and indigestion. But barberry is also said to be helpful for high blood pressure, vasoconstriction and jaundice.
  • Externally, the root bark of the barberry is also used in the form of a tincture for lumbago or fever.
  • Because of their high content of vitamin C and fruit acid, the fruits of the barberry are a healthy source of vitamins, which tastes delicious as a juice. The berries are particularly suitable for relieving cold symptoms or for prevention.
  • In addition, the fruits are said to have an antipyretic and antibacterial effect. The berries are therefore also administered to relieve infectious diseases and as a tonic
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