Biliary Diet: The Best Foods To Prevent Biliary Problems

Biliary diet – these are the best foods

If you have bile problems, you will most likely have to stick to a bile diet for the rest of your life. You can easily prevent this by paying attention to your diet.

  • The bile diet consists of a strict diet, which of course you do not have to follow completely.
  • When it comes to bread, don’t reach for wholemeal bread, which is actually healthy. Instead, you can opt for white bread, rusks, crispbread, and toast.
  • When it comes to carbohydrates, you can also use low-fat cakes, oatmeal, pasta, boiled potatoes, and semolina.
  • As long as there are no problems in the foreground, you do not have to cut back on fruit and vegetables in your diet. Just make sure they are mature enough.
  • Almost the same applies to dairy products. Even with bile problems, the consumption of milk with a maximum of 1.5 percent fat, low-fat quark, and cheese with a maximum of 30 percent fat is permitted.
  • You are also flexible when it comes to meat and fish and can eat lean meat such as chicken, venison, and rabbit alongside fish such as redfish, cod, plaice, and zander. You can also eat lean ham and beef, veal, and pork tenderloin without worrying about fat-free preparation.
  • Finally, the use of table sugar, honey, jam, or sweetener for sweetening is also recommended.

Bile diet – you should rather avoid these foods

Even if you don’t strictly enforce the gallbladder diet, you should at least pay some attention to consuming the following foods.

  • When it comes to carbohydrate intake, reduce your consumption of greasy pastries and pancakes. Potatoes are allowed, as mentioned, but not in the form of fried potatoes, fries, or salad.
  • Besides plums, currants, grapes, and nuts, you should also rely less on dried fruit.
  • Very high-fat foods also do not have a positive effect on bile. As far as possible, avoid products such as whipped cream, condensed milk, or cheese in the form of Camembert or similar.
  • The same applies to the consumption of meat and fish because here you should avoid fried and smoked fish such as salmon, eel, and mackerel. Duck, pork, smoked ham, roast beef, as well as bratwurst, and mettwurst are also included.
  • Finally, greasy desserts, chocolate, nougat, and ice cream are not recommended for a gallbladder diet.
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