Ayurveda Diet: So Slim Makes Ayurvedic Nutrition

With the Ayurveda diet, the pounds are supposed to fall off through a type-appropriate Ayurvedic diet. It is based on the Indian doctrine of healing.

Ayurvedic diet: the principle

The teaching is based on the theory of the three vital energies (doshas): Vata, Pitta and Kapha. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, these three forces determine the health of a person. Consequently, healthy eating in the Ayurvedic diet must be tailored to the three doshas.

Ayurvedic diet: practicality

The diet is mainly composed of salad, vegetables, milk and dairy products, oil and ghees (clarified butter). If possible, you should reduce meat, fish and eggs. The right accompanying literature will help with the implementation.

Ayurvedic diet: calories

are not counted

Ayurveda diet: duration

intended as a diet, but also as a permanent change of diet

Ayurveda diet: Overall verdict

Faith moves mountains here: In principle, this diet does not harm your body – but it is also not scientifically proven. A terrific weight loss success will probably not occur – but the approach to pay attention to your inner self instead of just your outer shell (e.g. through yoga) is worth a try. A little more sport would be a sensible addition to the holistic approach. Weight loss and nutrition: The high proportion of raw vegetables is good – the fiber, vitamin and mineral intake is covered. From today’s nutritional point of view, however, the peculiarities of this diet, such as the ghee (clarified butter), are difficult to understand. In general, the Ayurveda diet stands more for an introduction to a new philosophy of life than for one of the effective, sensible diets.

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