Catch the Bird of Happiness: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree to Attract Luck and Money

Soon the New Year will come in 2023, which will be under the sign of the Water Rabbit. Many are already thinking about the holiday tree, but not everyone knows that you should dress up the Christmas tree consciously. After all, if you properly decorate the tree, you will bring happiness and money to your home.

In this article, you will learn how to decorate a Christmas tree to attract luck and money, as well as what color should be the toys on the Christmas tree in 2023. It turns out that the Water Rabbit likes certain colors and absolutely does not tolerate too bright and neon decorations.

New Year 2023 – what colors to choose for the tree

The Water Rabbit likes natural colors that are similar to the color of straw or branches. Therefore, you can decorate the Christmas tree with wooden toys or choose a restrained monochrome decor.

However, if you like brighter decorations, do not get upset. Rabbit is quite “compliant”, he will appreciate the toys in blue and blue shades, ash or gold decorations, balls with shades of mint, pistachio, and soft greenery. Do not be afraid of toys in yellow and beige colors.

However, when thinking about how to decorate a Christmas tree with 2023 colors, you should clearly think through all the details so that it will be in a single design. For example, if you like the color blue, choose the balls in these shades and do not add bright toys in red, because it will look cluttered.

In addition, Rabbit is very fond of the color black. In fact, it opens up a lot of room for creativity. You can show your taste and sense of style if you decorate the Christmas tree with dark balls and add some gold toys. You can also pay attention to decorations in purple or pink shades – Rabbit will like these colors.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for good luck and money – call for happiness in the house
The process of decorating a Christmas tree and hanging toys is real magic. It is best to decorate the Christmas tree in 2023 together with your whole family. Do not invite distant acquaintances and decorate the tree with your colleagues or comrades. Entrust the process to those closest to you.

Before you start hanging toys and garlands, lay out all the decorations and think through the plan in advance. It’s worth understanding in advance how to decorate the Christmas tree to attract good luck and good fortune because there are toys that will scare away happiness for the whole year. The rabbit does not like predatory animals. Refuse toys in the form of tigers, bears, snakes, and even owls, because all of them can offend rabbits.

Start decorating the tree should be at the top, so you “capture” the positive energy of the cosmos and be able to distribute it throughout the tree, all the way down.

When decorating the tree, remember which toy you hang up first. It will become the symbol and mascot for all of 2023. In January, when you decide to put the tree away, that toy should be the last to be removed and not hidden in a box with the rest of the ornaments. You can hang it by your bedside, as it will retain all the positive and festive energy.

If you do not know how to decorate a Christmas tree to attract money, then first of all you should abandon the stereotypes. You should not hang bills or coins. This will not please the Rabbit at all. Instead, better make some toys from straw and wood, the symbol of 2023 will appreciate such handicrafts and generously bestow you with money. To attract money also suit the toys with images of rabbits or carrots.

To attract good luck and the goodwill of the main animal of 2023, decorate your Christmas tree and your apartment with dim lights. Rabbit does not like too aggressively flickering, it will scare him away. Therefore, when thinking about how to decorate the Christmas tree for good luck, imagine a fearful animal and determine what might alarm it.

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