How to Warm Up a Car in a Cold Weather: The Best Tips for Motorists

With the onset of winter, every car owner should know what to do in frosty weather with the car, as well as remember how to start the car to warm it up. The best tips and recommendations on how to properly start the engine in cold weather, are read in the material.

How to properly warm up the car in the cold – tips

The answer to the question, of whether it is necessary to start the car to warm up, is unambiguous – of course yes. And, the procedure of warming up the engine should be carried out not only in frosty weather but also in warm weather. In order to warm the engine before starting it in frosty weather outside, it is necessary to adhere to important rules:

  • before starting the car warm up the battery – it is enough to flash the headlights several times, preferably with a high beam;
  • wait a few seconds after turning on the ignition for the gasoline pump to pump fuel into the car engine;
  • turn on the light, as well as the heating in the car, so that the engine warms up faster.

All these uncomplicated and brief car maneuvers are recommended for drivers to perform before each trip in cold weather.

How long should the car be warmed up – important nuances

All drivers need to know exactly how long to warm up the car. In severe frosts, it is necessary to warm up the engine for at least 10-15 minutes. Some models warm up faster, but for quality warming, the engine should be kept idling for at least 7 minutes. Only after that, you can go on the road, but you need to drive for a few minutes slowly and gradually speed up the engine.

What kind of frost is dangerous for the car – watch the temperature

It is not advisable to drive in very cold weather, especially when the temperature outside is below -30 C. If you decide to drive, you must follow some rules to prevent your car from breaking down. The fact is that in cold the engine cools down quickly and its systems may ice. Therefore, it is necessary to warm the car before driving to ensure normal fuel supply and gas release. It is important to remember that in the cold the oil becomes thick and loses its lubricating properties, which can be very harmful to the engine and gearbox.

Answering the question about how often you should start the car in frosty weather, here is a hint – in cold weather it is recommended to start the car for warming up the engine at least once a week. In severe frosts, this procedure is recommended every two days, and for peace of mind – every day.

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