Effectively and Efficiently: How to Wash Shoes in the Washer and Not to Spoil Them

Clean shoes are hardly the first sign of a person’s neatness. That’s why most of us are looking for ways to clean our favorite pair of sneakers or sneakers as effectively and quickly as possible. Of course, dry cleaning will instantly clean your shoes, but your washing machine will do it perfectly at home.

Can I wash my shoes in a washing machine?

Sure, but it’s important to be clear about what kind of shoes can be washed in a washing machine. Take into account the material, style, and decorative details.

It is not at all difficult to find out whether you can throw sneakers in the washing machine. It is enough to pay attention to the material and see if they have any details that can be damaged. For example, sneakers and sneakers made of textile without fine decorations can easily be washed, but here loafers made of suede are not desirable to wet completely. The same applies to leather shoes. It is not recommended to wash them in a washing machine, even if the leather is artificial. This material is easily damaged.

What program should be set for washing shoes?

Most appliances are equipped with a special program for washing shoes. It will clearly form all the parameters of what mode to wash shoes in the washing machine. If there is no shoe mode, select a delicate wash:

  • water temperature 30-40 degrees Celsius;
  • no more than 600 rpm;
  • turn off the spin and dry function.

If you remember these simple rules, then you will no longer have a question like what mode to wash your sneakers or sneakers.

How many pairs of shoes can I wash in the washer?

Be guided by the specifications of your washing machine. Usually, you can find a sticker on it regarding how much load it can handle without problems. However, you should be careful with the loading of shoes.

It is better not to overload the machine because there is a risk of wear on the bearings and other parts of the washer. The best option is to wash two pairs of shoes. Do not mix colors and cardinally different shoe materials.

Is it hygienic to wash shoes in a washing machine?

We do not recommend putting a very dirty pair of shoes in the machine. It is worth washing the dirt off the soles beforehand.

In addition, washing shoes in the machine requires cleaning the drum. To do this, use a special capsule for cleaning. After that, the next wash can be considered hygienic.

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