How Often You Should Wash Your Clothes, and What Not to Send in the Wash Together: Tips and Tricks

For a productive wash, you need to know a few rules, including how long to wash your clothes.

If you want to arrange a productive laundry, you need to understand some of the nuances. In particular, it is necessary to know what clothes should not be washed in the machine, how often you should send to the wash different elements of the closet, and why some of them just need to be washed separately.

So, let’s start with the key – why do things need to be washed separately? The main step before washing is sorting things. You shouldn’t wash outerwear and underwear together, or clothes of different bright colors. Undergarments washed with jeans, for example, can simply lose their appearance – the white will turn gray. If you wash different colored things together, there is a chance that something will fade, and the wash will be ruined.

It is worth remembering that things are made of different fabrics, so the temperature at which they can be washed may be different. For example, it is recommended to wash colored things made of cotton at temperatures no higher than 60 degrees, and fleece can not be washed in cold or hot water, for this material is the optimum temperature of 30-40 degrees.

The most suitable temperature for washing white things in a machine is 65 degrees, and for colored things – 30-40 degrees (when washing in hotter water may lose color). Do not choose the too-intensive spin mode – a maximum of 800 revolutions is quite enough.

The correct temperature and washing peculiarities of a particular item are indicated on the label. Pay attention to the fact that some things cannot be simply taken and washed, as the correct way to clean them is dry cleaning or dry washing. For example, it is not recommended to wash some items of sports equipment in the machine, in particular, gloves for the gym.

Washing rules for underwear and outerwear

How often you should wash your underwear – tips

It is customary to wash underwear every time after it has been worn. The exception may be the bra – if after each wear to wash this element of the closet white, then very soon its appearance will lose.

It is better to wash underwear by hand and not spin it too much, so as not to damage the fabric. Soak the laundry before washing it. The minimum soak time is 20 minutes and the maximum is one hour. Do not wash delicate items for a long time – you should allow a maximum of 10 minutes.

If they are very dirty, soak them a few times and then wash them until you have got over the dirt.

How often you should wash a T-shirt – this is important to know

A t-shirt should go to the wash after an intense workout. If you briefly wore a bright T-shirt made of natural fabric and/or with decor, and print and did not get dirty, and did not sweat, then the washing can be postponed for another time, so that the thing lasted longer. Such shirts are better washed by hand.

If you decide to send a washing machine decorated with something on the shirt, then first turn it inside out, so there is a greater chance that the decor will “survive” the wash.

How often to wash your pajamas – tips, and tricks

Pajamas can be sent to the wash after the first or third wear. The degree of soiling of pajamas depends on how intensely a person sweats at night. Do not wear unworn pajamas for a long time, as they can not only get saturated with sweat but also accumulate keratinized skin cells. Please note – you cannot wash silk pajamas in the machine.

How often a hoodie should be washed – something to remember

Usually, hoodies are put on a T-shirt, so this thing should not be washed earlier than after the sixth or seventh wear. There is an exception – a hoodie of white color – such a thing will have to be washed much more often, even if you live in the city. The source of contamination can be dust, which is almost everywhere. White hoodies are best washed by hand and separately from other things.

How often do you need to wash jeans – what you should know

It is believed that jeans should be washed after you put them on for the sixth time. The main indicator that it’s time to wash is an unpleasant smell. As soon as you smell it – immediately send the jeans into the wash.

Jeans that have never been in the wash may shed. Therefore, the first time this outer garment should be washed separately from other things.

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