How to Clean a Chandelier From Yellowing: Folk Methods and Useful Recommendations

Any chandelier in the apartment needs to be cleaned periodically from dust, insects, or yellowing. For many housewives, cleaning a chandelier is a problem, because it is not easy to get to this piece of furniture, and not all store remedies are successful in dealing with dirt.

How to properly clean crystal chandeliers – rules

Before proceeding to the cleaning of the chandelier, make sure you have the necessary equipment:

  • rubber gloves;
  • cotton gloves;
  • A microfiber rag;
  • newspaper or oilcloth;
  • a soft toothbrush.

The above accessories are necessary if you are doing general cleaning, realizing that it is no longer possible to return the chandelier to cleanliness with a dry brush.

Remember that along with store remedies, it is convenient to use folk methods:

  • water with ammonia – gets rid of dust, returns shine;
  • water with detergent – successfully fights greasy deposits;
  • water with vinegar – suitable for rinsing chandelier decorations.

Of course, you can buy the usual household chemicals in the store, with the help of which you will be able to clean the lighting fixture. But experienced hostesses say that the above means are more environmentally friendly and no less effective.

How to wash a chandelier with danglers without removing – a tiphack

In case there are a lot of “hangings” on the chandelier, removing it from the ceiling is problematic – you can do without it. Act according to a proven scheme:

  • Turn off the electricity and put rubber gloves on your hands;
  • Carefully remove all decorations;
  • Using a solution (1 tablespoon of ammonia per 1 liter of cool water), clean the pendants with a soft toothbrush;
  • Rinse removable parts in vinegar water and place on a towel;
  • put on cotton gloves and wipe the parts dry;
  • wipe down the chandelier frame and parts that cannot be removed with a microfiber cloth and detergent;
  • hang the “danglers” back up.

After all of the above steps are done, you need to wait three hours until the chandelier is completely dry, and only then turn on the light in the apartment.

How to wash a chandelier without streaks – detailed instructions

In order to clean a chandelier without removable elements, turn off the electricity and start cleaning:

  • use a stepladder – it is more reliable than a table and chair;
  • Position yourself so the chandelier is in front of your eyes, not over your head;
  • Remove socks and soft slippers, as they can cause a fall.

Spread newspaper or oilcloth on the floor, climb on a stepladder and spray detergent on the chandelier. Leave the light fixture on for 10 minutes to allow the solution time to work on the dirt. After that, wipe the chandelier with a cloth, wait three hours for it to dry, and then return the electricity to your home.

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