How to Clean the Toilet Bowl From Yellowing: 3 Effective Methods

A shiny plumbing fixture and a shiny toilet are the pride of any housewife, but in order to keep your “white friend” looking neat, you need to constantly take care of it. In addition to the fact that lime scale and yellow stains spoil the appearance of the toilet bowl, they also reduce the quality of flushing, as well as cause bad odors.

How to remove plaque inside the toilet – tips

Before you start to clean the toilet bowl, it is worth understanding the causes of such dirt. Most often, they appear because of hard tap water, as well as the ingress of urine stones and food residues on the surface of the plumbing. It is best to clean the toilet bowl regularly so that the plaque does not accumulate because the more of it – the harder it is to get rid of it.

You can prevent the formation of yellowing or lime scales by installing water filters or using special tablets for the toilet bowl. An alternative option – is means, which are attached under the rim.

There is a general algorithm for those who want to quickly and effectively clean your toilet bowl:

  • turn off the water;
  • drain it from the cistern;
  • use a plunger to push it out of the toilet bowl or drain it at all;
  • Apply the cleaner to the entire surface inside the toilet bowl;
  • leave it for an hour;
  • Rinse the toilet bowl with clean water.

From there, you can open the water again and safely use the plumbing. The main thing – during cleaning, do not try to break off pieces of plaque with metal objects, otherwise, you can scratch the toilet bowl.

How to clean a toilet bowl from a urine stone with citric acid

Various acids are excellent for dissolving any deposits, including limescale and urinary stone. You can use vinegar or citric acid, there are several ways to use them:

  • Take toilet paper, soak it in vinegar and put it on the dirtiest areas, leave it for a few hours, and then rinse with water;
  • Sprinkle 2 sachets of citric acid in the tank and the inside of the toilet bowl and leave so for 3-4 hours, and then actively scrub the toilet bowl with a brush.

Experienced housewives say that if you follow the technology, citric acid, and acetic acid are some of the best tools for cleaning plumbing fixtures.

How to quickly remove urine stone with vinegar

The second version of the detergent is a combination of vinegar and salt or vinegar and baking soda. You need to take 1 cup of vinegar and heat it to a temperature of 40˚C. Then dissolve 1 tsp of salt (soda) in this liquid and apply the resulting mixture to the surfaces of sanitary ware. On particularly heavily soiled areas, rub the solution with a gloved hand or sponge. Close the lid of the toilet bowl and leave it for the night, and in the morning wash it with clean water.

How to get rid of yellow stains in the toilet bowl with cola

As much as it sounds like a popular carbonated beverage is great at removing rust and plaque. The drink contains carbonic acid and orthophosphoric acid, which ends up having a great cleansing effect. If you want to use this method, buy 2 liters of cola and pour the drink into the bowl of the toilet bowl. Leave it for 2-3 hours, and then intensively scrub the plumbing with a brush and rinse off the remains of the cola with warm water.

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