How to Store Flour Properly so That it Does not Become Infested With Insects

At the end of the harvest season, the question of how to store flour so that it does not go bad until the next spring becomes especially pressing. It is inexpensive, keeps for a long time, and can be used to make a lot of hearty foods, such as homemade bread. To ensure that the “breadwinner” does not go bad in a few months, you need to follow the rules of flour storage.

What to store flour in

Factory paper packaging is not suitable for long-term storage of flour. In a plastic bag, too, it is not worth pouring it over. It is best to use canvas bags or glass containers to store flour. Also, you should not store flour in plastic bags, otherwise, the product will quickly dry out.

Before storing for a long time, you should pour the flour on parchment paper and dry it for a few hours.

Where to store the flour

Flour should be stored in a dry, odor-free place. The room temperature should not exceed 18 degrees. Flour can be stored in the refrigerator on the vegetable shelf. If you put it in the refrigerator – the shelf life will last up to several years, and it is certain that it will not be infested with insects.

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