How to Clean Things From the Second Hand From Someone Else’s Energy: 4 Reliable Options

How to clean things from someone else’s energy: 4 reliable options clothes that you can buy in a second-hand or borrow from a friend, in any case, keep the energy of another person. The same applies to gifted things – for the time that the object was in someone else’s hands, it had time to “absorb” many emotions – not only positive but also negative.

Why carry out a purification ritual of a thing

Experts in esoterics say that it is necessary to do it, otherwise, the negative energy on the clothes mixes with the aura of the person and can seriously harm him. On the one hand, reusing things is a good idea, both in terms of ecology and in terms of saving money. But it’s worth being aware of a few nuances so that you don’t get yourself in trouble. As a rule, you can feel the energy of a thing – before you buy it, hold it in your hands for a while and concentrate.

People who have a high level of intuition and knowledge of esotericism immediately feel the “mood” of objects. As practice shows, a similar experiment works for beginners as well – “heavy” energetic things cause physical discomfort up to and including dizziness, panic, or unreasonable fear.

How to get rid of other people’s energy – methods

The simplest option is to wash clothes you bought or rented, treat them with scented oils, or apply perfume to remove the smell of the other person. There are also other folk methods.

  • Salt – pour 1-2 tbsp of salt into a bowl of water and put your clothes in it, leave it for a few hours, and then rinse.
  • Ammonia – suitable for both clothes and shoes, can be used together with salt. Wet a rag with ammonia, sprinkle salt, and wipe your shoes, and if you need to clean your clothes – pour water into a basin, pour salt, pour in ammonia, and soak things there.
  • Holy water – put the clothes in a basin with cold water and add 20 ml of holy water, leave for a few hours to “demagnetize”.
  • Sun – a powerful natural “cleanser” for things and shoes. It is enough just to expose the necessary items to the sun and remove them when the sun sets. For a double effect, you can wash the items beforehand.

If you constantly use b\u clothes or shoes, as well as change things with girlfriends, you make the energy in the items circulate. This has a positive effect on all energy flows inside and outside of you, the main thing is to clean things in time and correctly, so that they do not become a magnet for negativity.

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