How to Wash Your Hair Properly and Often: Expert Advice on Hair Care

Hair care is an integral part of our lives. Some people wash their hair once a week, while others have to do it every day.

We suggest finding out how to do it correctly so that you don’t damage your scalp and hair health, whether you can wash your hair every day, what happens if you rarely wash your hair, and how often should you wash your hair for men, how often should you wash your hair for girls and how often should you wash your hair for your child. The specialists also told you if you can wash your hair every day, how many times a week you should wash your hair, how many minutes you should wash your hair, and what happens if you wash your hair once a month.

Causes of Hair Pollution

And so, how do you know if you need to wash your hair? According to experts, sebaceous glands located on the scalp secrete a secret – sebum – that protects hair from drying out and excessive breakage. But if you don’t clean your hair in time, the sebum becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms. The amount of sebum secreted depends on several factors, such as age, genetic predisposition, health, and others.

However, hair requires cleaning not only because of the sebaceous glands. According to experts, the cause of pollution can also be environmental factors. When walking in the fresh air, especially in windy and dry weather, dust particles are deposited on the hair. Also, frequent contact with your hands promotes rapid contamination of hair.

Also, hair contamination can occur due to frequent combing and styling. That’s why it’s important to keep your hairbrush clean, wash it periodically, and treat it with antiseptic.

How often should you wash your hair?

According to stylists and hairdressers hair need to be washed when there is such a need. On average once every three days.

The owners of oily skin need more frequent water procedures than those who have dry skin. Long hair should be washed less often than short hair.

How to wash your hair correctly at home

  • Comb dry hair: tangled hair when wet can be damaged by a comb;
  • Water temperature should not be too cold and not too hot: on average 36-40 degrees is good for washing your hair;
  • Mix a small amount of shampoo with water in the palms of your hands until it forms a foam;
  • Apply this mixture to the scalp, massaging with your fingertips;
  • Remove the foam with water;
  • Apply a balm suitable for your hair type;
  • Rinse off the balm with cool water from the hair strands;
    towel blot the hair: do not rub it to avoid damage;
  • Apply conditioner, serums, oil, or other hair products that you use.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

The answer to this question depends on your hair type and texture-how quickly it “oils up.” According to experts, on average hair stays clean for about three days. However, it is actually necessary to take care of the scalp.

According to trichologists, the scalp needs the same regular care as the skin of the face: daily cleaning is the best way to keep it healthy.

Of course, not everyone needs a daily wash, but who does?

Wash your hair more often should owners of liquid hair because of the large number of sebaceous glands and the rapid production of sebum.

If you have fairly thick, thick, or curly hair, the daily shampooing can be detrimental, making hair dry and sick. Such hair does not lose its presentable appearance for much longer.

How often should I wash my hair for a man?

Men’s hair care is not much different from women’s: they also need to wash their hair depending on the type of hair. But quite often men use products to wash the hair of their wives, sisters, mothers, or girlfriends. There are hardly any men left who are inspired by the shampoo labeled “For the whole family”.

Here experts from the Beauty Institute point out that men and women have different scalp structures, which has different effects on the hair, so their hair care products are also different.

Experts recommend men find the golden mean in the care of their hair, and it is worth experimenting not only with the frequency of washing the head but also with the products used.

“Start by washing your head after 2-3 days, adjust this period according to your own feelings and the condition of your hair,” the stylists say.

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