How to Freeze and Store Blackcurrants: All The Secrets are Revealed

There are many ways to make black currants for the winter – and fresh, pureed with sugar, and even in the form of jam.

How to store black currants, pureed with sugar?

You can store black currants, pureed with sugar, not only in the freezer but also in a dark corner of the dwelling. If you have added little sugar to the berries, you can pour the jam into jars and screw the lid tightly. Then put the jars on a far shelf. In this case, they should be stored at room temperature.

Can I freeze blackcurrants with sugar for the winter?

If you added a lot of sugar – two cups or more per kilogram of berries, it is better to store currants in the refrigerator. It is worth considering that the shelf life of sugar-grated currants is only 12 months. And that is if you store it at a temperature of -18 degrees.

How to keep black currants fresh?

This option is more suitable for lazy hostesses and for those who like to add berries, for example, in pies. To keep blackcurrants fresh, you need to put them in containers and wrap them with a cloth. Then put them in the freezer. This way you can enjoy the taste of fresh berries in winter.

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