How to Get Rid of Odor in Shoes: Top 3 Proven Ways

The smell in shoes is caused by the growth of bacteria. Bacteria in footwear are particularly active when the foot is sweaty. But even the most expensive and breathable sneakers won’t save you from the natural process. Catch a few proven ways to get rid of shoe odor in 5 minutes.

How to get rid of shoe odor in 5 minutes at home

The fastest and easiest way to kill the smell in shoes is to use a special spray. You can buy them in cosmetics stores. Usually, these sprays not only instantly mask the unpleasant smell, but also further block its appearance. However, the use of sprays does not cancel the care of shoes, washing insoles, and drying.

How to get rid of odor in shoes overnight

To get rid of odor in sneakers or any other shoes, you can use vinegar or chlorhexidine. Dilute vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3 and moisten or spritz with spray gun favorite sneakers, shoes, or old Latina slippers that do not give life to all the household. Leave it all outdoors overnight, so that you don’t suffocate from the smell of vinegar. If the smell is not gone by morning – repeat the procedure. This method is good for any shoe, even open. The main thing is to air your shoes well.

Beware! Vinegar is not recommended to treat rubber shoes.

How to kill the smell in shoes

Another remedy for the smell in shoes is baking soda. To get rid of the shoe smell with baking soda, you need to remove the insoles, pour dry baking soda inside the shoes and leave for a while – the longer the better. Periodically you need to change the baking soda with fresh and clean soda, as it will become damp. Be sure to wash the insoles that you have previously removed with soap and water. This method is good only for closed shoes – for sandals and sandals will not work.

What to do to make shoes not stink at home

Soda, sprays, and vinegar will help to make sure that the shoes do not stink. However, if you suffer from this “fragrant” problem, you should adhere to a few important rules on a daily basis, so that shoes do not stink:

  • Dry your shoes after wearing them;
  • Regularly change your socks for clean ones;
  • Use shoe sprays and special antiperspirants for feet;
  • Wash with soap and water and replace insoles with new ones as needed.
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