How to Heat a Room Without Electricity and Gas for Free: a Unique Method

How to warm the apartment with a gas stove and a brick – a tiphack

If you have disconnected electricity in your apartment, but still have gas – you can use the folk method. Its cost is about twenty hryvnias or even zero at all.

The mechanics of action is simple:

  • take one refractory brick and put it on the burner;
  • Turn on the minimum heat, and after 2-3 minutes, increase the heat.

Bricks should be placed on the burner with the “long” side facing you, and the fire should be added gradually. This way the bricks will be heated, giving heat to the room. It is important to understand that despite the availability of such a method, it can be dangerous – open the windows for ventilation, if you use a brick as a stove, otherwise you risk burning.

How to heat an apartment without central heating with a kettle

If you don’t like the brick tiphack or if you think the method is not effective enough – you can use an ordinary kettle. Pour water in it and put it on the fire – the warm steam from the kettle’s spout will heat the room and increase the temperature by several degrees. In the same way, you can use any other container with water – a pot or a saucepan.

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Written by Emma Miller

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