How To Keep Glasses from Fogging up in Winter: You’d be Surprised You Didn’t Know That

Without exception, all people who have to wear glasses in cold weather face the problem of glasses fogging in winter. This happens mostly when a person walks from a cold street into a house, office, store, or any room. Ways and tips to make sure that glasses do not sweat in the cold, we have collected in the material.

Fogging of glasses in winter – why does it happen?

The answer to the question of why glasses fog up in winter has a simple physical explanation. Due to the temperature difference between the outdoors and the warm room, when a person goes there, there is a cooling of the moist air on the cooled lenses of glasses. As a result, condensation from the air forms and settles on them. In some cases in frosty weather glasses may fog up for no reason, even if the person has not entered a warm room: in frost, the glass cools down and the warm air exhaled by the person settles on it. In heavy fog, when there is a high index of moisture in the air, condensation can also settle on the lenses just outside.

What remedy for fogging of glasses to choose – tips

To understand how to wear glasses in winter, it is very important to know the products that will prevent fogging of lenses in the street and indoors. To overcome this unpleasant effect will help the usual improvised means, which are available in every home:

  • Liquid soap or shampoo – using a cotton pad, you need to thoroughly treat the lenses, then dry them and wipe them with a cloth.
  • Piece of simple hard soap – rub the lenses on both (inner and outer) sides. After that, wipe the glasses well with a cloth or rag. The film formed will effectively prevent fogging of glasses.
  • You can also put on the lenses a little glycerin, which can be found at any drugstore. Glycerin should be soaked in a cloth or soft cloth and apply it evenly to both surfaces of the lenses and dry. Then polish the glass with a dry cloth.

There are many special products on sale in the form of a spray or wipes, which also help combat lens fogging. At the same time, they can always be carried with you and are very convenient to use to treat the surface of the glass.

It is important to know that it is highly discouraged to wipe the lenses of glasses with parts of any clothing. The fact is that the cloth can be rough and scratch the lenses. It is forbidden to use agents against fogging of car windows or mirrors for glasses. Such substances will ruin glasses and may negatively affect a person’s vision due to their chemical composition.

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