Which Glasses for Which Drink? An Overview

It is often not easy to remember which glasses are intended for which drink. A brief overview can help with orientation.

Which glasses to choose for which drink: water and wine

If you are expecting visitors, it is understandable that you also want to choose the right glasses for the drink. Usually, different types of drinks come in different glass shapes.

  • When it comes to glasses, a basic distinction is made between wine glasses, champagne glasses, spirits glasses, beer, and water glasses.
  • A normal drinking glass is ideal for offering juice or water. You can go with color and shape according to your taste. If you are offering a carbonated drink, slim drinking glasses are particularly suitable.
  • If you are serving red wine, you should choose a rather bulbous wine glass with a large opening at the top, as red wines usually require a larger air supply. So you can develop your full aroma. A white wine glass is slightly narrower in comparison.
  • With sparkling wine and champagne glasses, it is important that they are very slim and tall. This allows the drink to sparkle and develops its aroma. The “ideal” champagne glass is also known as a champagne goblet.

Choosing the right type of glasses for beer and schnapps

You should know other types of glasses in order to serve your drink in the right glass:

  • Pils are traditionally drunk from the glass known as the beer tulip. The aroma can concentrate in the lower part of the glass, the so-called goblet.
  • A very tall and slightly curved beer glass is ideal for wheat beer. In this glass shape, the foam of the beer can be distributed and the carbon dioxide stays in for a particularly long time.
  • A Kölsch comes in a small, cylindrical glass. The glass wall is usually very thin. Due to the shape, the carbon dioxide can be optimally distributed.
  • You can choose a thick-walled beer mug for all types of beer with the exception of Kolsch. The mug is particularly popular for toasting.
  • Slim, cylindrical spirit glasses are ideal for offering schnapps or liqueur. They are available with a long stem or as a small shot glass.
  • The glass in which whiskey is traditionally served is called a tumbler. The glass has a very wide cylindrical shape and a large opening.
  • Cognac is served in a large, bulbous glass with a short stem. This allows the aromas to develop ideally before you enjoy the drink.
  • You can usually use the classic long drink glass for cocktails or other mixed drinks. If you want to keep it a little more elegant, you can also use the so-called cocktail glass. Aperitifs in particular can be ideally served here.
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