How to Make Borscht Bright Red: Chef’s Tricks for Hostesses

Borscht is one of the favorite first courses because its inviting aroma and scarlet color can not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmets.

What makes borscht red – nuances and secrets

Experienced cooks say that in many respects the color of borscht depends on the beets and the time of its laying in the dish. It is best to buy in-the-store salad beets (they have a dark burgundy hue), and add them in the middle of the process. In this case, after you put the beets in the pot, boil the borscht for at least 10-15 minutes, then it has time to give the desired color.

You can also use other methods:

  • Add tomato paste to the pan along with the beets, pass them with onions and carrots, then put them in the borscht;
  • sprinkle the beets before frying with wine or apple cider vinegar;
  • sprinkle 1 tsp of citric acid over the vegetables at the beginning of the passaging.

Lifehack from our grandmothers – while roasting the beets, it is better to sprinkle them with 1 tbsp of sugar. This trick will help to reveal the subtle flavor and color of the beets, but you have to put it in the borscht at the end, otherwise, it will color the other vegetables.

How to make beets do not lose color in borscht – instructions

Not all housewives make a paste and fry vegetables before adding them to the pot. For them, we have prepared several ways to preserve the color of borscht without frying:

  • take out the meat from the broth and drop their whole beets with the rest of the vegetables – continue to cook the soup this way for 10-15 minutes, then take out the beets and grate them into the borscht at the end;
  • boil the vegetable in its skin, and then grate it, put it in the already cooked borscht, and then cook a couple of minutes more;
  • Grate raw beet on a grater, pour water in a metal bowl, and put it in the borsch for 5 minutes before cooking, and then cook the dish for a few minutes.

With one of these methods, you will definitely be able to achieve scarlet borscht color and keep it for a long time. Even if you don’t succeed the first time – try again or choose another method to find your perfect recipe for a traditional Ukrainian dish.

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