How to Make Currants With Sugar for the Winter: 3 Proven Ways

Preserves for the winter of berries – this is the masthead of every housewife who wants to please herself and her family in the cold season with delicious jam. Most often in the freezer, you can find summer seasonal berries, which make very tasty and easy preserves.

What is the usefulness of black currants pureed with sugar?

Black currants have unique properties that strengthen the body in every way. It can be consumed in the form of jam or jam, pouring them over pancakes and cheesecakes, and can be added to tea to get rid of a cold faster.

For example, black currants with sugar through a meat grinder are an excellent fight against respiratory diseases and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membrane of the throat.

In addition, black currants grated with sugar can reduce body temperature when ill. It works no worse than any pharmaceutical antipyretic. It also removes toxins from the body.

How to make currants with sugar for the winter?

Usually, current preparations are made in the middle of summer, in season. Then black currants are both cheaper and of higher quality. The best and fastest option for making without boiling is currants through a meat grinder with sugar.

Recipe of currants with sugar without boiling:

  • Pass the currants through a meat grinder or blender on low speed;
  • For one liter of currants add 2 kg of sugar;
  • puree the currants and let them stand for 2-3 hours;
  • Pour currants with sugar into a jar and place in refrigerator for at least 20 hours.

Recipe of currants with sugar in boiling

You can also make jam from currants, which would be perfect with pancakes or cheesecakes.

  • Rinse the berries and let the water drain;
  • Pass the currants through a meat grinder;
  • Stir in the sugar;
  • Put the mass of berries in a saucepan for boiling;
  • add some clean water and bring to a boil;
  • Wait another 3-5 minutes and turn it off;
  • Immediately pour the mass into jars and place them in the fridge.

Can I freeze black currants with sugar?

Yes, many hostesses freeze currants grated with sugar. Usually, for this method of cooking currants for 1 kg of berries add 500-600 grams of sugar. First, you need to grate the currants, and then fill them with sugar, already in a jar. Wait until the crystals dissolve, and only then put them in the freezer.

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