How to Peel Garlic Easily: 5 Proven Ways

Do you like garlic, but not so much peeling it? It’s understandable: until you get rid of the garlic husk, you don’t want any garlic or cooking anymore.

How to peel garlic with a knife – method 1

Chefs peel garlic with a knife, but a little differently than we do. You need to put a garlic clove on a cutting board and press it with the flat side of the knife, pressing it with the palm of your hand on top. After a slight cracking, the garlic peel will be easily removed.

By the way, garlic crushed in this way is best used to flavor oil in a frying pan.

How to peel garlic in water – method 2

Pour cold water over the garlic cloves and leave for 30 minutes. The garlic husks will absorb the water and can be easily removed.

If you don’t have time, you can also pour hot water over the garlic and leave it for a minute – the husks will come off easily.

How to peel a lot of garlic with a saucepan – method 3

Chefs insist that you can quickly peel a lot of garlic this way. Let’s be honest: we checked – this method doesn’t always work for everything (but that rather depends on the garlic) and it doesn’t work with young garlic (it’s not dry).

Take a saucepan with a lid and put the unpeeled garlic cloves in it. Cover with the lid and shake vigorously – the husks should come away from the garlic, and you’ll only have to pick out the peeled cloves.

How to peel garlic in a jar – method 4

In the same way, you can peel garlic in a jar. To do this, fold the garlic cloves in a jar and shake it – as a result of this “shaking” the husk comes off.

How to peel garlic in the microwave – method 5

Another way to easily peel garlic. Put the garlic cloves in a bowl and send it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. The power should be set to maximum. Then take out the bowl with the garlic, and easily remove the husks from the garlic.

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Written by Emma Miller

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