How To Peel Herring Fast: A Way to Save Time

Light-salted herring is one of the main products of the New Year table. It can be cut into fillets and served with onions to guests, as well as many hostesses make herring appetizers and sandwiches.

How to quickly peel herring from the bones – a tiphack

In order to make the process of cleaning herring comfortable, take a plastic cutting board – it is better to use it, as the wooden absorbs odors more strongly, and it is more difficult to clean it afterward. Also make sure you have a sharp enough knife, paper towels, and tweezers.

The technology for getting rid of herring skin and bones is as follows:

  • Rinse the fish under running water;
  • Remove the head and guts, rinse the carcass again;
  • Make an incision and remove the fin;
  • pick up the skin at the point of the cut and pull it off the fish;
  • grasp the herring by the tail with one hand and with the other, separate the fillet from the ribs;
  • holding the backbone with two fingers, again separate the rest of the fillet and take out the backbone.

In the end, you will have only to take out with tweezers all the small bones, once again “pass” the knife on the rib part to remove the black film, and cut herring fillets in any way convenient for you.

How to peel herring for the table – the second method

There is another method used by housewives – we can not say that it is better or worse than the previous one, it is only an alternative. You can try both methods and see which one suits you better.

Wash herring under running water, and cut off the head and tail with a sharp knife. Cut open the belly, and take out the innards, and caviar (milk). Clean out the black film inside the fish, and blot the carcass with paper towels if necessary. Finally, rinse the carcass again and place it on a cutting board. Press down with your hand so that the herring flattens out on the board. Next, find the backbone on the tail side and, holding it with one hand and holding the fish carcass with the other, pull it out. Eventually, all the large bones will remain on the backbone, and the small ones can be pulled out by hand.

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