How to Quickly Clean Your Nails After a Vegetable Garden: 9 Ways to Save Your Hands

How to wash your hands after working in the garden with soap

The classic way that comes to mind first is to take a bar of soap and lavish soap on your hands. In this case, you can scratch your nails on a bar of soap – then the substances will get under the nails and will help to remove dirt.

Alternatively, wash some things by hand with powder. Even if you have a washing machine, this method will help to combine business with pleasure and quickly clean your hands. The only disadvantage – is then you will have to put cream on them to restore the skin and nail plate.

How to wash your hands with hydrogen peroxide

“Grandmother’s” recipe, which usually helps to quickly get rid of dirt and dust on the hands after garden work. You will need:

  • hydrogen peroxide – 100 ml;
  • water – 400 ml;
  • Ammonia alcohol – 20 ml;
  • 15 ml of dish detergent.

Mix all the ingredients and dilute them in hot water. Dip your hands into such a bath and hold for 10 minutes, and then use a brush with soap to clean hard-to-reach places under the nails and cracks in the skin. In the end, we recommend lubricating your hands with oil or greasy cream.

How to wash your hands with citric acid or lemon

If you like using citric acid as a cleanser, then do a peeling – pour the lemon powder in the palm of your hand, add a little olive oil, and mix the ingredients together. Apply the product to your feet or hands, and rub thoroughly. In the end, rinse it off with warm water and apply the cream to your skin.

Lemon is often used to clean nails, as it is more difficult to get dirt off of them than the skin. Cut a slice of lemon and use it to clean your nails and cuticles. You can remove the dirt from under the nails with an old toothbrush or wooden stick, and then wash your hands with soap and water.

How to quickly clean your nails after a vegetable garden without extraneous products
If you do not have any of the above at hand, then you can “fight the wedge with a wedge” – clean the skin with the same thing you soiled it:

  • tomatoes – cut the vegetable into pieces and rub the slices on your hands, then wash off the pulp with soap and water;
  • sorrel – pick the plant, rub it on your hands and feet, rinse with water, and apply cream;
    apples – crush the fruit into a puree and apply it to the problem areas and then remove the pulp with water;
  • potatoes – cut a slice from raw potato and rub it on the areas that you have stained, then wash your hands or feet with soap and water.

Many housewives say that potato decoction can also be used to cleanse the skin. To make it, peel a few potatoes and boil them in water. Then cool the water to room temperature and dip your hands or feet in the container. In the end, especially difficult areas should be cleaned with a brush, rinse with water and apply the cream.

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