How to Remove the Ring From a Swollen Finger at Home: 6 Proven Options

A ring is a universal piece of jewelry worn by both men and women. Sometimes it becomes problematic to remove it, especially in the heat – the fingers swell and swell, and the ring gets stuck between the folds of the skin.

How to remove a tight ring from the finger – universal methods

There are proven methods that you can use if you feel that the ring fits tightly on your finger and causes you discomfort:

  • Water – put your hand in cold water for 5-10 minutes and try to remove it under water. Alternatively, you can use ice.
  • Cream, oil, or ointment – apply a greasy substance to your hands, lubricate your finger thoroughly, and try to twist the ring until it gives way.
  • Soap or detergent – any soapy solution to apply to the finger and proceed in the same way as in the method with the cream.
  • Salt is also considered an alternative, which helps with swollen fingers. Pour salt into a tub of water, dip your finger, hold it for 5-10 minutes, and try to remove the ring.

An interesting tip: doctors say that if the cause of the stuck ring was high air temperature, you need to raise your hands above the level of the heart – the blood flow to the hand will decrease and the swelling will go down.

How to remove the ring using duct tape

An interesting method that not everyone knows about, and for good reason – it often turns out to be effective when all else fails.

You need to take regular scotch tape and wrap it around the skin from the nail to the line of the ring. If it works, place the edge of the tape under the jewelry. Soap your hand and scroll the ring in the direction of the scotch tape wrap. As soon as the ring is over it will immediately come off your finger easily.

How to remove the ring from a swollen finger with a thread

The fifth method we suggest using is if you need to get rid of the ring on your finger. By the way, this very method is recommended by many employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations – it is considered one of the easiest and safest.

Take a common thread and put it through a paper clip for about 10 cm. Push the paper clip under the ring together with the thread, then remove the paper clip. Hold one end of the thread with your thumb and wrap the other end around the finger that the ring is wearing, between the jewelry and the joint. Don’t worry if part of the finger above the ring swells – that’s normal.

When you have finished winding, fix the end of the thread between your middle and ring fingers. Take the other end of the thread in your hand by the top end and start gently pulling it out from under the ring, twisting it around your finger. As you pull the thread out, the ring will move closer to the nail and slip off the finger.

Where to go to get the ring off your finger

What will happen if you do not remove the ring from a swollen finger, we will not tell in detail, but the prospects are bleak – the tight ring will methodically press the skin, and fingers – to swell even more. As a result, it can lead to serious injury to the limb or even necrosis, then removing the ring will only get in the office of the surgeon.

If you cannot safely remove the ring yourself, it is better to call an ambulance or EMT. Most likely, the employees of these services will use a special tool to “dissect” the ring and tell you whether you need to go to a doctor for treatment of your finger.

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Written by Emma Miller

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