How to Save Space in the Kitchen: Shelf and Cabinet Tips

There are a number of great tips on how to stack things so they don’t take up too much space if you have a small space…

The kitchen is a sacred space for many families. Often we have to use it not only for cooking but also for hanging out with friends or as a temporary workspace. At the expense of literally every inch, so in this case, ergonomics is particularly relevant.

How to save space in the closet

Towels, gloves, trays for dishes, dryers, and other useful things for the kitchen stack in the cabinet compactly – in several levels, tightly pressed to each other. If possible, sort them by frequency of use and degree of soiling.

Preferably, the cabinet should be near the work surface. Then you won’t, for example, have to run and look for oven mitts to remove a hot pot from the stove.

Cupboard – a useful thing, but not obligatory. The size of the kitchen often does not allow it to place in its full-fledged cabinets, so they can be replaced with clothes hangers and laundry baskets. Instead of cabinets, you can think of hinged cabinets, which will serve as an additional place to store things. Avoid transparent closets – they will not bring more order to your space.

Empty hangers are best stored on multiple levels, too, by clinging a hanger to a hanger. You can use tiered hangers, or you can use improvised means – rings from tin cans, or paper clips.

If the capabilities of your closet can store dishes or kitchen items on the doors – be sure to use them. The best place for flat items is on the doors: lids, grates, and cutting boards.

Store dangerous kitchen equipment in compartments, and keep belongings and food in vacuum bags or special covers.

Household shoes can be stored in wall structures with pockets. In this way, you can put up to ten pairs of shoes and at the same time save space.

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