Cooking Pasta Like the Italians: Tips From a Celebrity Chef

Ordinary pasta can be turned into an exquisite Italian dish if you follow some simple tips.

Use more water

To prevent the pasta from sticking and boiling evenly, pour a lot of water into the pot. At least 1 liter of water and 10 g of salt per 100 g of pasta are recommended.

Make a homemade sauce

You can’t make Italian pasta with store-bought ketchup. Make a homemade sauce and add chopped basil and grated cheese to it. Then the pasta will be very tasty and all-natural. Previously, we wrote about how to make ketchup from tomatoes at home.

Add some sugar and pasta water to the sauce

If you prepare a homemade sauce, it is worth adding a small pinch of sugar to it. This way, the dish will get a new harmonious taste and balance the acidity of the tomatoes. It is also recommended to add a few spoons of water, in which the pasta was boiled, to the sauce.

Boil the pasta al dente

Italians do not cook pasta until it is fully cooked, but until it is “al dente,” when the dough is slightly undercooked. To do this, cook the pasta for 1 minute less than what is indicated on the package.

Add fresh herbs and cheese

Pasta is usually served with lots of minced meat or with cutlets. However, Italians know that everything is genius – simple. Add a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil to the pasta, grate some cheese, and chop some herbs – and you already have a complete Italian dish.

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Written by Emma Miller

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