How to Wash Curtains Without Taking Them Off: Useful Tips for Housewives

The usual washing of curtains consists of several steps: removal, washing in the machine, ironing, and hanging. It is not necessary to perform such a time-consuming process at all.

It is difficult to imagine a house without curtains on the windows. Ordinary curtains or tulle, curtains or blinds, Roman shutters or roller blinds – they all create a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

But apart from the aesthetic and protective function, curtains are also a problem to take care of.

We suggest finding out how to clean curtains without taking them off the curtain track, how to clean them with a steam cleaner if there is a vacuum cleaner for curtains, and how to remove and wash curtains correctly.

How to wash curtains without taking them down

The easiest way to keep your fabric curtains clean is to shake them regularly. Perform this procedure once a week and you will rid the curtains of dust.

How to Vacuum Curtains Properly

You may try to clean your curtains with a steam cleaner: the steam dissolves the dirt molecules by penetrating between the fibers.

But remember that you may not clean pleated or velvet curtains or other delicate fabrics with steam.

You can also clean your curtains with a vacuum cleaner. But this method requires a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, a brush, or a soft cloth. A vacuum cleaner should be turned on at minimum power.

If there is no possibility to set the power, wrap the nozzle with a slightly damp rag: this way you will avoid pulling the cloth into the pipe.

And so, now you know how to vacuum curtains properly, how to clean curtains on the weight, and which vacuum cleaner nozzle is suitable for curtains. But if you do decide to wash heavy curtains, here are a few top hacks on how to wash dirty curtains.

How to Clean Fabric Curtains

To ensure that cleaning does not end with the purchase of new curtains, before washing curtains, pay attention to the composition of the fabric and the peculiarities of its washing, specified by the manufacturer. For example, a thin tulle should be washed in cool water and ironed with a barely warm iron, velvet is washed in a machine on a delicate mode, but cotton is fine in contact with ordinary powders, but the fabric can give shrinkage at temperatures above 50-60 degrees and an intensive spin. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study the instructions.

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