If it’s Urgent: 5 Ways to Induce Your Period

The menstrual cycle is what women need to pay attention to in the first place. It can indicate some health problems, pregnancy, etc. Menstrual periods fulfill a very important function: they purify the body and give a woman the opportunity to conceive. However, there are cases when it is not possible to wait for them to come and girls decide to induce them.

How can you induce a period – popular options

IMPORTANT: first of all, you should remember that it is dangerous to induce your period yourself. To do this, you need to consult with a gynecologist, who will choose a method just for you.

However, there are several known methods that can help in this difficult matter.

Warm bath

Experts in the field of gynecology say that you can induce periods by taking a bath for at least 30 minutes. In this case, it is necessary not just to lie down, but to massage the lower abdomen in circular motions. Although there is no scientific evidence that in this way you can get your period, you can try – many people can.


It is said that sex and other physical activities can help induce menstruation. But they should be in moderation. If you get too involved in the process, your cycle can get disrupted, which is already not good for your hormones.


With pills, it is necessary to be very careful, but if you, for example, soon should go on vacation, and there were no critical days, you can take one pill of aspirin. It will thin the blood. However, do not abuse it, as it may start heavy bleeding.

Onion husks

If you need to induce your period urgently, prepare a decoction of onion husks. Peel three onions from the husks and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Cover with a lid and leave for half an hour, then drink it. One glass of broth is enough to make your period come within a day.

Emergency contraceptives

If you suspect an unwanted pregnancy, you can use emergency contraceptives. These are pills that cause bleeding. Be prepared for your general condition to worsen, with severe abdominal pain. In addition, there may be other consequences, more serious.

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Written by Emma Miller

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