Metal Sponges: What You Can and Can’t Use Them to Wash

Metal sponges are familiar to everyone and can be found in almost every kitchen. However, not everyone knows how to use metal sponges for dishes and what they are needed for.

What are metal sponges for and what can they wash?

Metal dishwashing sponges are an inexpensive device that makes cleaning much easier. These sponges help get rid of carbon deposits, grease, soot, and other grime that are hard to remove with a regular washcloth. They are easy to store, they do not rust, and do not retain unpleasant odors. After use, the metal sponge only needs to be rinsed and dried.

These sponges can wash trays, pans, and dishes made of cast iron or aluminum. In addition, metal “hedgehogs” are excellent for dealing with dirt and food debris on pans without Teflon coating. You can also use the sponges to wash duck pans, large pilaf dishes, and cutlery.

Metal dish sponges can also be used to clean ovens, microwaves, and gas stoves. However, do not rub too hard, the sponge can damage the coating.

What you can’t clean with a metal sponge

Many people use such a sponge and do not even think about whether a metal sponge can wash dishes made of ceramics. It turns out that “hedgehogs” made of metal are not suitable for all dishes and not for all surfaces.

Thus, dishes with Teflon or non-stick coating, glassware, wood, and plastic should not be washed with metal sponges. Also, you should not use sponges for cleaning leather objects and mirrors.

Unusual uses for metal sponges

You’ll be surprised, but metal sponges are not only suitable for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces. For example, you can sand the wood with sponges and use them as a substitute for sandpaper.

In addition, metal sponges can replace the sharpener for scissors. Just take the scissors and cut the sponge with them. The blades will quickly become sharp. Sponges are great against rust, and you can also use them to clean old gardening or locksmithing tools.

Metal sponges can be used to clean the soles of shoes, and you can also use these sponges to faux-age wood, which is sometimes necessary for decorating furniture.

However, the most interesting tiphack is cleaning vegetables. You can clean young potatoes, carrots, and even fish scales with a metal sponge. The most important thing is to use a new sponge for this purpose because a sponge that has already been washed with household chemicals can become dangerous.

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