Named 10 Names That Can Ruin a Child’s Life

The question of what you can call a child to spoil his life is very relevant. After all, every parent wants the best future for their heir. We tell you what names you can choose, and which can bring misfortune to your baby.

10 names that you can not call children

First, let’s talk about what names are better not to give girls. Experts answer that the following options are the most unsuccessful: Alexandra, Lyudmila, Tamara, Vera, Hope, Ilona, Inna, Elvira, Helia, and Olympia.

Also, the experts told what names should not be called boys. These names are Anatoly, Roman, Vadim, Adam, Julian, Euthymius, Mercury, August, Agap, and Platon.

How to name a child in 2023

The most successful names for newborns this year are Vladimir, Mikhail, Danilo, Yaroslav, Artem, and Alexander. The best names for a girl in 2022 are Kira, Lyubov, Olesya, Nadezhda, Liliya, Rosa, and Arika.

Psychologists argue that children with these names own quite a strong character, and grow up very attentive, active, and resourceful. They are not inclined to make hasty decisions, and always show themselves responsibly, both at a young age and in adulthood.

What to call a child in 2023

The best names for a girl in 2023: are Daria, Elena, Ulyana, Zarina, Elizabeth, Veronica, Svetlana, and Alyona. According to astrologers, if you call your baby girl the next year by this name, the girl will have a 100% happy fate, a good career, a loving husband, and a strong happy family.

What to do if you do not know how to name a child

If you’ve been trying to think of a successful name for a baby for a long time, but you can’t find anything really appropriate, try to leave your search attempts for a few days. As a rule, the best options come on a “fresh” head.

If you want something creative, and you plan to familiarize yourself with all the possible options, buy a regular dictionary of names with meanings, and study it. However, before you finally decide on the answer, be sure to study the meaning of the name of the child.

Astrologers advise looking for names for girls and names for boys immediately after the birth of a child. The name should be chosen based on the date and time when the child was born.

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